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April 1, 2009 marks the 36th year of the founding of my first magazine, Yesterday’s Magazette.

Many “experts” said Yesterday’s Magazette would never last. They said a magazine devoted to the preservation of individual memories was a bad idea. They said a lot of things 36 years ago.

Founded on April 1 1973 as “The Original Magazine of Memories,” YM was no April fool’s joke. It pioneered the concept of sharing memories. First as a tabloid paper and then as a glossy magazine. Now YM is back as an E-zine in the exciting world of the Internet. So return with us to yesterday, when time moved slowly and life seemed much simpler and safer than today. Perhaps it wasn’t. But our memories still cling to those days of long ago.

And remember: This is YOUR E-zine! So feel free to share your memories with the world.

Thank you.

E. P. Ned Burke (YM editor/founder)


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