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Learn What Every Writer Ought To Know About Writing And The Publishing Business



☞ Do you like new experiences? Is carpe diem your motto?

☞ Do you want to read about one writer’s path to success?

☞ Can you handle the hard truth about the writing life?

☞ Do you know the basics of putting together a writing plan?

☞ Why is procrastination not such a bad thing for a writer?

☞ What single quality do you need to finally get accepted?

☞ What is the “ugly” part of writing nobody ever talks about?

☞ Why should you tell big-name publishers to take a hike?

☞ Can the riches of a writing life really exceed your dreams?

☞ Are family and friends the natural enemies of every writer?

☞ Do you want to know how NOT to make an editor’s day?

☞ What 5 things must you have before quitting your day job?

☞ Why are e-books a gold mine for any aspiring writer?

☞ Is there an easy way to write a novel and, if so, what is it?

☞ What one secret word leads to success, again and again?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in my new e-book, Hey! You wanna be a writer?

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