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Last year was a tough year for many of us and now we move on to what I believe will be a better year for everyone. In celebration, I gave many of my web sites face lifts. Especially check out My Depot Stores for a new design and a list of new Depot Stores. If you like bargains, this site will lead you to many of them.

Also, I really went crazy recently and  came up with a nutty idea: Offering a $7 rebate for an already batty $7 deal for 4 killer writing books. If you ever thought about buying my “Hey! You wanna be a writer?” e-book, then NOW is the time to take advantage of my lapse of sanity. Offer ends January 31. So get it now: http://www.wannabeawriter.com

Until next time, be kind to one another … and have a super day!




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