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I want to mention Madonna Dries Christensen’s latest book, “Toys Remembered,” that can be purchased now at Amazon.com. Click this link http://amzn.to/e7qYNw to purchase. All proceeds from this book, as well as from her last book, “Dolls Remembered,” go to the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia. Also, check out Madonna’s website at http://www.doorwaysmemoirs.com for the recent winners of the Doorways 2011 anthology of life history stories. As one of the judges for this contest, I found all the entries a joy to read.

Also, thanks to all those who sent congratulations for E. P. Burke Publishing’s recent award for being one of the “Top 500 Small Businesses Recognized For High Customer Engagement Rates in E-mail Marketing.”

The award was a nice start for 2011 and your comments, as always, were deeply appreciated.

Well, today, I “officially” began my customary battle to finish my two magazines, Yesterday’s Magazette and The Perspiring Writer Magazine. Both spring issues are scheduled to launch on March 1. So I have to get a move on.

I’m happy to report that the printed versions of both magazines are gaining in popularity.

 Go to: http://yesterdaysmagazette.com or http://theperspiringwriter.com and click the “Printed Editions” link for a free preview to see what everybody is talking about.


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