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What The Heck Are Magazettes?

Okay, let me explain.

It all started because of my love of nostalgia. When I was very young, I loved to listen to my parents, grandparents, or older relatives relate colorful stories about the “good old days.”

Some of their tales were more entertaining than listening to George Burns and Gracie Allen, or watching The Lone Ranger.

Anyway, before I graduated from high school I had a vast collection of stories and old photos from my hometown of Scranton, which has a very colorful history to say the least.

Then, later, after I’d worked three years for a weekly newspaper, I figured I had gained enough knowledge to start my own newspaper publishing business. I wanted it to reflect my independent streak, so I naturally called my first entrepreneur venture The Independent Publishing Company, and my first newspaper was naturally The Independent.

(Ah, the confidence and ignorance of youth.)

Anyway, in 1973, after I had published my first weekly newspaper, I came up with the idea to add a small tabloid retro magazine insert into it, using up some of my oldie photos and recollections I had written down.”

I called my insert Yesterday’s and it immediately became a hit with my hometown readers who began sending me their own stories. Then, after a blurb in Writer’s Digest, I found myself deluged with nostalgia stories from all across the United States and beyond.

However, I had a small problem. As Yesterday’s was at that time printed on newsprint and did contain a few news items, many readers mistakenly called my magazine “a little paper.”

That irked me. So, after considerable self-brainstorming, I added the name “Magazette” to my title to show readers that Yesterday’s Magazette was a magazine/gazette. And to my knowledge, I was the first to use that term. My magazette may have looked and felt like a tabloid newspaper then, but the content was mostly that of a magazine–personal essays, stories, and photos of the past.

To explain further, I even added a sub-heading, “The Original Magazine of Memories.” And I’m happy to say that today, nearly four decades later, the title Yesterday’s Magazette and the magazine itself, now as an online, digital, and glossy printed magazine, is still going strong.

Of course, I realize that in today’s modern world the name “magazette” may sound somewhat old-fashioned. But I like it, being more than a bit old-fashioned myself. In fact it is so much a part of me that I recently added my “Magazette” moniker to most of my other magazines, eMags, and websites.

In fact, there is now a Magazettes Information Center where visitors have a chance to learn more about my magazettes. It is very user-friendly and a super place to discover great magazines and eMags. Simple. Nothing fancy. Much like myself. So kick back and take a look.

By the way, each magazette is part of the E. P. Burke Publishing group that is geared toward a family audience. So no need to keep the kids away.

If you want to join our growing friendly family of readers and contributors, I urge you to visit: http://magazettes.com now and click on the list of magazette links shown.


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