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Hi, folks:

Ned Burke here.

As the editor of Yesterday’s Magazette, “The  Original Magazine of Memories Since 1973,” I get to read and publish many personal essays about the past. And I never tire reading your memories. I’ll be working on our winter issue next; so some great holiday stories would be most welcome.

So feel free to send me your favorite holiday story now. It’s fun to look back.

In fact, right now, I think many of us would like to be living in the past again. Right?

Anyway, read our guidelines and then send your story to yesterdaysmagazette@gmail.com.

Oh, and check out our printed and digital editions at http://www.yesterdaysmagazette.magcloud.com


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Why You Should Read Writer’s Magazette
“Articles and News By and For Today’s Writers”

Dear Writer,

There are very few writing magazines that have proven to be indispensable and helpful to writers.

Writer’s Magazette is one of these.

Each issue of WM is full of informative advice, and friendly inspiration for writers of fiction and nonfiction.

☞ Please Note: If you are looking for a quick fix to literary success, we regret to say that our magazine may not be for you. In truth, writing is hard work. And if you do not put the time and effort into it, you will not succeed.

However, if you have a true passion for writing and you are willing to make the effort, WM will help you. Each day, more and more writers all over the world are finding it extremely beneficial to sign up for a FREE online subscription to Writer’s Magazette, and to also take advantage of the e-book and glossy printed edition of WM.

Our magazine provides informative and entertaining articles for writers with huge ambitions and literary dreams. Sometimes our contributing editors provide serious advice; other times, it is friendly, or even amusing.

☞ Our main goal is to provide the best information you will need to become a successful writer.

True, there are many avenues to literary success. Our way is to fill our magazine with the sage advice of seasoned writers, such as Robert Bly, author of more than 70 books and recognized by many as the #1 copywriter in the U.S.; Nick Daws of the UK, author of more than 50 books as well as numerous short stories and articles; Rob Parnell of Australia, author of the bestselling The Easy Way To Write A Novel and numerous other books, articles, and writing courses; Patricia Fry, a 35-year veteran writer and publishing organization leader and author of 31 books; Susan Malone, author, mentor, and editorial consultant who has helped over 30 of her clients sell their books to traditional publishers.

In addition, we have our own friendly, professional WM staff who offer expert advice as well.

So is it any wonder that WM is growing so rapidly?

Join our growing list of happy subscribers and sign up for a FREE online subscription to Writer’s Magazette, and be sure to check out the killer offer for the e-book and printed edition.

Keep on writing!
E. P. Ned Burke (WM editor)

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