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Wow! Can you believe another year has flown by?

In any case, this is a great opportunity for me to offer my sincere thanks to you for supporting E. P  Burke Publishing and my related web sites and Magazettes.

This coming year, I hope to earn your support and trust even more by sticking with my own personal resolution of keeping all my sites as user-friendly as possible.

You know, we don’t get to make many resolutions in our short

lives; so I think we should make this year really count by vowing to be extra kind to one another each and every day of 2012.

(If the Mayan legend is right, this could be our LAST year!)

Regardless, we need to start somewhere to make this a better world.

Politicians, celebrities, the money-grabbers don’t seem to be doing a great job of it. So, in 2012, you and I can resolve to make a small difference in our own lives by being kinder to our family, friends, and, especially, to strangers.

It just might catch on enough to bring about a lasting peace without any worries … except for that Mayan legend, of course.

Hoping you have a happy and prosperous 2012,


E. P. Ned Burke




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