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Believe In Christmas


I was thinking how Christmas means a myriad of things to many people.
For children, it is a time of wonder and the suspense of waking up Christmas morning to find what Santa had left the night before; for parents, it is a time of sharing both love and material gifts, coupled with the joyous satisfaction of seeing their children’s eyes brighten upon opening each new present; for grandparents and the older generation, it is a time of peaceful contentment, watching others going through the same multitude of holiday emotions they had experienced many times in the past.
Though people may be separated by age, they always unite at this time of year. It’s as if when one believes in Christmas, one is ageless. This holiday alone has the ability to instill in us the mystical power of rejuvenation. The more we believe in it, the more youthful we become.
Believing in the charisma of Christmas can stem from the birth of Christ to Santa Claus, or merely having faith once more in the goodness of mankind. Whatever the reason, believing has the power to bring people together. And certainly there is no other time when Good Will Toward Men is more evident than at this time of year.
So if we must believe in something, let it be Christmas.


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