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NOTICE:┬áSomeone is using my old yesterdaysmagazette.com domain name address and placing articles on their blog as “written by yesterdaysmagazette.” This is fraud. They were not written by me or yesterdaysmagazette or ever appeared in my old magazine or the yesterdaysmagazette.com url address that I discontinued two years ago. if you wish to see my real ym site go to: www.magazettes.com/yesterdays
It took me 40 years to build an excellent reputation for my copyrighted Yesterday’s Magazette and now some lazy, low life wants to use that name for his so-called blog which he doesn’t sign or even offer reader comments. Again: yesterdaysmagazette.com is no longer associated with me or my magazine or any information that appeared on my former website. It’s just somebody now using that same domain name for his or her advantage.


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