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NOTICE: Someone is using my old yesterdaysmagazette.com domain name address and placing articles on their blog as “written by yesterdaysmagazette.” This is fraud. They were not written by me or yesterdaysmagazette or ever appeared in my old magazine or the yesterdaysmagazette.com url address that I discontinued two years ago. if you wish to see my real ym site go to: www.magazettes.com/yesterdays
It took me 40 years to build an excellent reputation for my copyrighted Yesterday’s Magazette and now some lazy, low life wants to use that name for his so-called blog which he doesn’t sign or even offer reader comments. Again: yesterdaysmagazette.com is no longer associated with me or my magazine or any information that appeared on my former website. It’s just somebody now using that same domain name for his or her advantage.


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Believe In Christmas


I was thinking how Christmas means a myriad of things to many people.
For children, it is a time of wonder and the suspense of waking up Christmas morning to find what Santa had left the night before; for parents, it is a time of sharing both love and material gifts, coupled with the joyous satisfaction of seeing their children’s eyes brighten upon opening each new present; for grandparents and the older generation, it is a time of peaceful contentment, watching others going through the same multitude of holiday emotions they had experienced many times in the past.
Though people may be separated by age, they always unite at this time of year. It’s as if when one believes in Christmas, one is ageless. This holiday alone has the ability to instill in us the mystical power of rejuvenation. The more we believe in it, the more youthful we become.
Believing in the charisma of Christmas can stem from the birth of Christ to Santa Claus, or merely having faith once more in the goodness of mankind. Whatever the reason, believing has the power to bring people together. And certainly there is no other time when Good Will Toward Men is more evident than at this time of year.
So if we must believe in something, let it be Christmas.

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Anybody have information on Biddy Basketball? It was started by Jay Archer in Scranton, Pa and I was fortunate to be chosen as captain of one of the first teams in 1950. 

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“I just finished your two $7 How-To packages (www.onlinemagazinepublisher.com and www.wannabeawriter.com) I bought from your websites. Full of info and very, very, helpful. Best $14 I’ve ever spent! So thanks for the info, it`s appreciated. – V. Gibbon”

(It’s comments such as this that make my day.)  🙂

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Press Release

E. P. Burke Publishing Wins VR500 Award

E. P. Burke Publishing of Sarasota, FL Is One of the Top 500 Small Businesses Recognized For High Customer Engagement Rates in Email Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO, 2011 – President E. P. Ned Burke of E. P. Burke Publishing was recognized by VerticalResponse as a winner in their quarterly customer awards program, the VR500. This awards program highlights the top 500 small business customers that have maintained high email engagement rates – as demonstrated by their average email open and click through rates. To qualify for the awards, customers had to have sent at least four email campaigns in the fourth quarter of 2010, and mailed to a list size of between 100-500 opt-in subscribers.

“I am most proud of this award,” said Burke. “I like to think E. P. Burke Publishing has a personal connection to all subscribers, especially to those supporters of our magazines, Yesterday’s Magazette and The Perspiring Writer Magazine.”

“VR500 award honorees, such as E. P. Burke Publishing, are successfully using compelling email content and consistently meeting subscriber expectations for frequency,” said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. “The winners prove that email marketing is being used very effectively to help grow small businesses.”

For details and updates on the VR 500 award program, go to: http://www.verticalresponse.com/vr500

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You asked for it – and now it’s here:

The new e-book edition of “Yesterday’s Magazette.”

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