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For more than three decades I labored in the traditional publishing world and eked out a living publishing traditional magazines.

I loved what I was doing, but I spent countless hours cutting corners to make ends meet. Printing costs kept going up and my battles with the postal service never seemed to end. 

As I reached retirement age, I was glad the end was in sight.    OnlineMagazinePublisher1B

But I knew I would miss the satisfaction and prestige that went with the job.  

Being a magazine publisher meant I was somebody to be admired, an expert in my field.

Finally, however, I closed the doors to my business and tried to enjoy my early retirement.

I played golf religiously. But it did not inspire me as my magazines had done.

I wanted to get back in the game: the game of publishing. But at my age?

Then I discovered the Internet!

What an awakening to learn that others (with little or no publishing experience) were making huge sums of money with online magazines.

At first, I was confused by the technical jargon. But then I realized the process was no different from what I had done before. Except for one BIG difference …


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Be The First Marketeer In Your Niche To Strike It Rich!

Maybe you want to write a best-selling e-book? Or, perhaps, you want to reach a six-figure income before any of your copywriter friends.

It doesn’t matter what marketing niche you have chosen. The answer to your success is the same.

Let me tell you a little story first. It’s about two boyhood friends I’ll call George and Edgar. Now George and Edgar grew up together. They went to the same schools. They both graduated with honors and they both started their careers at the same local ad agency with similar desires to succeed.

Twenty-five years later, George and Edgar went to their high school reunion. George was still working at the same agency, trying hard to make ends meet and keep the bill collectors from his door. Edgar, on the other hand, drove to the reunion in his new Cadillac, right after returning from a three-week vacation to faraway exotic lands with his family.

At the reunion, during a casual conversation, George learned Edgar had published several best-selling e-books and had his own copywriting and online marketing business.

So why did George end up poor and Edgar rich?

They both had the same intelligence, talent, and desire to succeed. They both had opportunities over the years. So what was it that made the huge difference in these two lives?

The answer is K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E!

Edgar had simply acquired more information about his chosen profession and used it to his advantage when opportunity knocked.

So if you don’t want to end up like poor George, you should fill your head with as much information as you can find on your marketing field. And today there is no better way to gain that knowledge easily and quickly than by downloading inexpensive e-books.

The Internet has thousands of e-books for marketeers and on marketing. A Google search will find them for you with a simple click.

And here’s a secret you should know: Many of these e-books come with extra FREE bonus reports. So this is really a great way to gain even more additional knowledge.

Don’t end up like poor George. You can do something right now that will ensure your future success. Remember: Information is king!

Be like Edgar. Learn everything about all aspects of your chosen marketing field. And some day you too will drive up to your high school reunion in your new expensive car. All eyes will be upon your perfect tan, the one you got from that recent vacation to those faraway exotic lands. You’ll be smiling because you had learned the secret to success: K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E!
(E. P. Ned Burke is president of E. P. Burke Publishing and editor of Yesterday’s Magazette and The Perspiring Writer Magazine and owner of E-Books On Writing and Marketing.)

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