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For more than three decades I labored in the traditional publishing world and eked out a living publishing traditional magazines.

I loved what I was doing, but I spent countless hours cutting corners to make ends meet. Printing costs kept going up and my battles with the postal service never seemed to end. 

As I reached retirement age, I was glad the end was in sight.    OnlineMagazinePublisher1B

But I knew I would miss the satisfaction and prestige that went with the job.  

Being a magazine publisher meant I was somebody to be admired, an expert in my field.

Finally, however, I closed the doors to my business and tried to enjoy my early retirement.

I played golf religiously. But it did not inspire me as my magazines had done.

I wanted to get back in the game: the game of publishing. But at my age?

Then I discovered the Internet!

What an awakening to learn that others (with little or no publishing experience) were making huge sums of money with online magazines.

At first, I was confused by the technical jargon. But then I realized the process was no different from what I had done before. Except for one BIG difference …


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What now?

I guess after 40 years of writing, editing, and meeting deadlines I’ve retired my mind (as well as my body) for a spell. But I haven’t been completely idle.

Both Yesterday’s Magazette and Writer’s Magazette are still online and being updated regularly. I’m especially looking forward to 2013 when YM will launch its 40th anniversary issue. So send me your personal essays for this final keepsake issue. I always enjoy reading about your life experiences.

Click Here to go to Yesterday’s Magazette guidelines.

Writer’s Magazette could use a few more articles and answers to our “10 Questions” for today’s writers. This is a great way to publicize yourself.

Click Here to go to Writer’s Magazette guidelines.

In addition, I have revised “How To Be An Online Magazine Publisher” and “Hey! You Wanna Be A Writer?” e-book package deals. In fact, right now, you can grab either unique offer for just $7.00! That’s about the price of a small pizza for a big opportunity that could change your life forever. Why not take a quick look now?

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I also urge you to “Like” my Facebook page. Here’s the link:www.facebook.com/nedburke

My Twitter page is similar: www.twitter.com/nedburke

I always enjoy hearing from friends like you.

My book site is still www.epburke.com. I’ve added a few new items and am currently working on two new novels. Hope to have both finished by the early part of 2013.

So I guess I am not as idle as I think I am. Perhaps I have finally stepped off the fast-paced treadmill of life and am now enjoying a leisurely walk, taking in the scenery, and doing whatever pleases me the most. I hope you are doing the same.

Well, that’s it for now.

Take care, and, as always, remember to be kind to one another.

(Sadly, a behavior that some of our current politicians have yet to master.)

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Hey, have you ever wanted to be a respected online magazine publisher?

I’m not talking about those little e-zine newsletters. I’m talking about a real MAGAZINE!

Well, here’ s your chance to start your own with the help of a 30-year publishing veteran.

Check out this 100-page e-book now! You’ll discover (like he did) that it is a lot easier and quicker than you thought. And the prestige and financial reward of becoming an online  magazine publisher can not be matched.

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